1.6 Understanding SAP Data

For this lab we may use the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Procurement Model (EPM) data intended to be used for demonstration and testing purposes.

An Introduction to EPM

Enterprise Procurement Model provides a unified demo and testing environment for the NetWeaver stack. EPM is a test application that serves as a proxy for SAP’s real world Business Suite applications. It is based on real-world business logic and scenarios that can be used for differing testing approaches and is equipped with the means to generate meaningful test data

To summarize, EPM can support various testing or demo purposes:

  • Simulation of standard business processes inside the NetWeaver layer. This allows verifying, demonstrating and testing the usage of the technology at an early stage.
  • Automated regression testing of existing development
  • Demo application for rollouts or training
  • Performance measurement of NW technologies

If your organization provides you the valid SAP training systems and data to build extentions with AWS services you can use the given SAP systems to execute this LAB. Work with your SAP administrators and Workshop organizer to validate your crendentials needed for this Lab.

For more insights on SAP licensing ‘use’ of SAP ERP systemsand Types of Access for your organization, you can connect with your SAP account team. Refer the SAP user group site to learn more about SAP licensing.