1.8 Cloud Foundry CLI

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The cf CLI is the official command line client for Cloud Foundry.

The procedures in this topic describe how to install the cf CLI on your operating system. You can install the cf CLI with a package manager, an installer, or a compressed binary.

Open a command prompt on your computer.

In Windows, you can search in the start menu for the application “command prompt”.

On a Mac, use spotlight to find the application “terminal”.

On Linux/Unix, you know how this works, just open your favorite command shell.

Note For this lab pupose, we recommend using the AWS Cloud 9 as your IDE environment.

Step 1:

Open the AWS Cloud9 IDE and follow the installation instructions.

  1. Configure the Cloud Foundry Foundation package repository by running:
sudo wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/cloudfoundry-cli.repo https://packages.cloudfoundry.org/fedora/cloudfoundry-cli.repo

  1. To install cf CLI v6, run:

sudo yum install cf-cli

  1. To install cf CLI v7, run:
sudo yum install cf7-cli

This also downloads and adds the public key to your system.

For more help with the CLI installation, look at the Cloud Foundry CLI installation documentation

Step 2 : To test the CLI, type in the following:

$ cf

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Congratulations, you are good to go!