01 Alexa skill with SCP

Lab 4: Welcome to this workshop!

➡️ Note: This Lab requires you to complete the prerequisites listed in 00 Preparation section, prior to attending this session.`

Lab Details:

This is a sample Alexa skill that integrates to a backend SAP application using SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Cloud Connector.

This Lab includes a repository which contains a sample SAP Cloud Platform (CloudFoundry) app that acts as an API endpoint to access backend SAP developer edition application through cloud connector. The backend SAP application and cloud connector can be in your on-premise or hosted on Amazon EC2 instances. SAP Cloud platform account can be in any region where CloudFoundry environment is supported.


Part 1:

Depending on how much knowledge and experience you already have about AWS and SAP, this part may come with the following presentations:

  • Introduction of the team, some words about logistics
  • Overview of AWS in general
  • Overview of the AWS Extend Strategy for SAP Workloads
  • Architecture of the workload you’re building today

Part 2: Hands-on lab (subject of this site)

  • Overview about the SAP Cloud Platform Setup.
  • Learn how to create Integration between SAP and AWS.
  • Deploy a single Alexa Skill to test the Integration between SAP and AWS.