02 SCP with Open Service Broker

Lab 4: Welcome to this workshop!

In this workshop, you will learn on how to build a simple SAP Cloud Platform based application and integrate with AWS services through the so called Open Service Broker.

This allows customers to extend applications with AWS capabilties and to bind the lifecycle of AWS resources and Cloud Foundry applications.

Make sure to also read the official announcement in the SAP Developer Community.


The following video also gives a good idea on the approach and usecases:


  • SAP Cloud Platform - Cloud Foundry Account (e.g. Trial)
  • AWS Account
  • Development Environment (IDE) with

For ease of use, you can also use AWS Cloud9 as IDE.

Further information:

Please check also the following links


Part 1:

Depending on how much knowledge and experience you already have about AWS, this part may come with the following presentations:

  • Introduction of the team, some words about logistics
  • Overview of AWS in general
  • Overview of the AWS Extend Strategy for SAP Workloads
  • Architecture of the workload you’re building today

Part 2: Hands-on lab (subject of this site)

  • Learn how to setup SAP Cloud Platform - Open Service Broker for AWS
  • Learn how to create a simple CF app, that reads the contents of an S3 bucket
  • Deploy as Single Application (bucket created beforehand)
  • Deploy as Multi Target Application (bucket created along with application deployment)