SB2: Deploy App (Single)

Task: Deploy Application (Single)

Create a new S3 Bucket through Cloud Foundry.

Locate the s3 service in Service Marketplace

Preparation menu

Select +New Instance*

Preparation menu

Leave as default and choose mys3 as Instance Name during final step, press confirm.

Preparation menu

The bucket is now being created through AWS CloudFormation

Preparation menu

The status can also be checked from the service cockpit. When successful it will look as follows:

Preparation menu

We can now go ahead and bind an application.

In your IDE, go and modify the manifest.yml and add the respective Instance Name mys3

    - mys3
#  - my-application-logs
#  - my-xsuaa
#  - my-destination
#  - my-connectivity

Login to cf (make sure to select the correct endpoint)

$ cf login

Deploy to cf and note down the URL

$ cf push

Preparation menu

Test the application by uploading a arbitary file to the respective S3 bucket and launch the target URL in your browser.

Preparation menu

The suffix /hello should generate the following similar output:

Preparation menu

In case of troubleshooting, check the logs

$ cf logs <appname> --recent

Undeploy as follows

$ cf delete <userID>-mta-cf-sample