Wrapping Up

Thank you!

Thanks a lot for joining the workshop today! We hope you learned something and got inspired.

What Have We Accomplished

  • Learned how to setup SAP Cloud Platform - Open Service Broker for AWS
  • Learned how to create a simple CF app, that reads the contents of an S3 bucket
  • Deployed as Single Application (bucket created beforehand)
  • Deployed as Multi Target Application (bucket created along with application deployment)

Clean Up

Cleanup: To avoid unexpected chargers to your account, make sure you clean up your account

Make sure to remove the corresponding resources inside S3 / CloudFormation and Cloud Foundry.

Follow Up

For any follow-ups on the topics we discussed today, but also for any other AWS-related topic, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your AWS account team.


We’re very much interested in honest feedback so that we can continuously improve our performance.