2.0 Introduction

Welcome AWS Data Lakes Workshop

A walkthrough of data extraction patterns for SAP applications. The intent of this workshop is to educate about data extraction methods to extend your SAP data to AWS data lakes. For this Lab, We will focus on SAP ERP (S/4HANA, ECC, CRM, and others) and SAP BW applications as the source. This is where vast majority of AWS customer requirements in extracting the data to S3.


  • AWS Account
  • SAP NetWeaver ABAP >=7.51 on HANA

Part 1: Presentations

Depending on how much knowledge and experience you already have about AWS, this part may come with the following presentations:

  • Introduction of the team, some words about logistics
  • Overview of AWS in general
  • Overview of the AWS Extend Strategy for SAP Workloads
  • Architecture of the workload you’re building today

Part 2: Hands-on Labs (subject of this site)

  • Lab 1: Learn how to navigate in SAP Systems and execute transactions.
  • Lab 2: Extract data from SAP using SAP Operational Data Provisioning (ODP)
  • Lab 3: Extract data from SAP HANA Database using Python Library
  • Lab 4: SAP Application Extraction using SAP IDoc Framework
  • Lab 5: SAP Application Extraction using SAP Data Services with ODP
  • Lab 6: SAP Application Extraction using SAP Data Services with SLT
  • Lab 7: SAP Application Extraction using SAP BW Open Hub

Architecture Patterns for SAP DATA Extractions

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End-to-end enterprise analytics:

A sample high-level architecture for end-to-end enterprise analytics is shown below. In this architecture, customers can extract data from SAP applications using the patterns to be discussed in this lab and combine it with non-SAP application using AWS services to build end-to-end enterprise analytic

High-level architecture can include Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, and Amazon QuickSight. Other visualization solutions like Kibana and SAP Fiori Apps can also be a part of the solution:

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➡️ Read the below SAP on AWS Beyond Infrastructure Artifacts to learn about SAP to AWS data integration architectures:

Building data lakes with SAP on AWS Blog

Database-level extraction

Extracting data from SAP HANA using AWS Glue and JDBC

Application-level extraction

SAP IDoc integration with Amazon S3 by using Amazon API Gateway Blog

AWS Cloudformation Apigw Sap Idocs github page

Operational data provisioning–based extraction

Sample application for extracting data from SAP applications

File workloads data Extraction using SAP PI/PO and CPI

SAP file transfer workloads SAP PO/PI

SAP file transfer workloads SAP CPI

SAP Data Extraction using SLT and SAP Dataservices

SAP Data Services and SAP LT Server for near real-time replication to AWS data lakes