2.2 SAP ODP Extraction

Setup Replication

The Operational data provisioning ODP framework enables data replication capabilities between SAP applications and SAP and non-SAP data targets using a provider and subscriber model.

The business logic for extraction is implemented using SAP DataSources (transaction code RSO2), SAP Core Data Services (CDS) Views, SAP HANA Information Views or SAP Landscape Replication Server (SAP SLT). ODP, in turn, can act as a data source for OData services, enabling REST-based integrations with external applications. The ODP-Based Data Extraction via OData document details this approach.

Solutions like SAP Data Services and SAP Data Hub can integrate with ODP, using native remote function call (RFC) libraries. Non-SAP solutions like AWS Glue or Lambda can use the OData layer to integrate using HTTP which will be used for this lab session.

Below is a list of the steps for this lab: