OL5: Visualize with QuickSight

Visualize the data with Amazon QuickSight:

Challenge: Can you navigate to AWS Console -> All Services -> Analytics -> QuickSight and create the following reports in QuickSight

  • Sales Order status by customer

  • Top 10 customers by amount

  • Forecast revenue for the next quarter.

Please reach out to your instructor if you need help with this

1.1 The below instructions are to connect Athena to the QuickSight dashboard

  • Choose the enterprise edition if possible.

  • Choose the S3 buckets for QuickSight as below:

Preparation menu

• Ensure that QuickSight has access to Athena and S3 by checking the respective boxes

Preparation menu

1.2 Once AWS Quick-Sight is launched from the menu bar, choose New Analysis-> New dataset->Select Athena->Select Athena

Preparation menu

1.3 Enter the name of the data source for eg sales, test connection and save:

Preparation menu

1.4 Choose sapdemo and choose Saleswithproductpartner table

Preparation menu

1.5 Import to Spice for fast analysis and hit Visualize:

Preparation menu

1.6 Create a graph as shown below. Please check with your instructor if you face any challenges. This is a self-service tool and hence detailed instructions and not provided.

You can create your own fields and use formula to convert strings to integers and dates. For creating an Amazon QuickSight visual click here. ParseDecimal documentation click here

Here is a sample created from QuickSight

Preparation menu

Evaluating Delta queues

2.0 Go back to your lambda, change the data chunk size as 1000 for the following parameters:

Preparation menu

2.1 Run your test event again to ensure you get 0 records back as result. This means all of the product data is loaded.

2.2 In the next steps login to the SAP system used for this LAB and in the transaction screen enter transaction SEPM_PD.

2.3 Create a new product ID (should be unique, please try your AWS account number for example)

Preparation menu

2.4 Fill in the next screen as indicated below:

  • Product Name: <Choose any>

  • Product Type Code: PR

  • Product Category: Accessories

  • Measure Unit: AU

  • Tax Tariff Code: 1

  • Choose any Supplier-ID and any Currency

Save the record!

Preparation menu

2.5 In this step, go back to AWS Lambda and run the test function again. Test results will display the new product you created.

2.6 Verify the new entry in the json file in S3 and Athena from the products table, for example

SELECT * FROM "sapdemo"."product" where product = '123454'

This concludes the demonstratation of Changing Data Capture (CDC) = delta functionality within ODP!!!


With this session you have learned how you can use ODP extractors to extract your SAP data to AWS Analytics Solutions for post processing analytics activities.