DL1: CDK for DB Extraction

Extract data from SAP HANA Database using python Library

Preparation menu

➡️ Your organization SAP system administrator should provide the SAP IP address, SAP HANA Database access and port number for this lab

➡️ SAP Database Extraction lab (HDBCLI) setup: The HANA Python Client is provided via the SAP Developer License Agreement. Use your own SAP environment for HANA Python Client or Check with your LAB Instructor for more details.

Access to the below repositary is restricted to few users due to SAP Developer License agreement terms. If you donot have access to the repositary request the Lab instructor for the alternative steps.

Clone the Aws-sap-hdb packageto your local folder of your choice.

git clone ssh://git.amazon.com/pkg/Aws-sap-hdb --branch master 

Preparation menu

Navigate to the root folder of the cloned repo and then perform the preparation steps by executing npm install.

88e9fe9bc8f:Aws-sap-hdb Admin$ npm install

Navigate to lib folder using cd lib and update the appConfig.json file in the lib folder with your AWS account ID, region details.

You can use any text editor or vi command to update and save the file

Preparation menu

Navigate back to the root folder using command cd .. and bootstrap your AWS account for CDK.

88e9fe9bc8f:Aws-sap-hdb Admin$ cdk bootstrap 

See this documentation for more details on bootstraping for CDK. Bootstraping deploys a CDK toolkit stack to your account and creates a S3 bucket for storing various artifacts. You incur any charges for what the AWS CDK stores in the bucket. Because the AWS CDK does not remove any objects from the bucket, the bucket can accumulate objects as you use the AWS CDK. You can get rid of the bucket by deleting the CDKToolkit stack from your account.

Deploy the stack to your account using the command cdk deploy. Make sure your CLI is setup for account ID and region provided in the appConfig.json file. Verify the messages in your terminal. and

88e9fe9bc8f:Aws-sap-hdb Admin$ cdk deploy 

Answer ‘y’ to the deploy change prompt question.