DS1: SAP Setup for Data Services

The following architecture diagram shows the workflow for pulling the SAP S/4|ECC|BW data from SAP Data services and using SAP Data services to land your SAP data to Amazon S3.

Preparation menu

➡️ Step by Step guide to create a data flow between SAP and S3 using data services using an ODP connection.

Please note that you can use similar flows to replicate from tables/BAPI’s etc

Creating an SAP Extractor

For Below example we will consider table SNWD_PD, assuming you are using an ABAP system with demo data.

  1. Login to SAP with developer credentials.
  2. Transaction RSo2
  3. Create an Extractor ZDSTEST

Preparation menu

  1. Select create and fill in the information as indicated in the screenshot below. You could choose any other table that you desire.

Preparation menu

  1. Choose Generic Delta and enter changed_at at as a delta trigger field.

Preparation menu

  1. Hit Save and the system would prompt for a transport request. Please choose local object and save. The extractor is generated.

  2. Launch SE16 and check the total no of records in SNWD_PD.