2.7 SAP BW Open hub

These instructions show you how to set up a solution for replicating data from SAP BW, BW on HANA or BW 4 HANA into Amazon Data lakes The instructions are intended for SAP ETL or technical consultants who have basic experience with the configuration of SAP Basis, SAP BW, AWS S3 and AWS IAM.

SAP BW Open Hub overview:

➡️ The open hub destination allows you to distribute data from a BW system to non-SAP data marts, analytical applications, and other applications. It allows you to ensure controlled distribution across several systems.The open hub destination defines the target to which the data is relayed.BW objects such as InfoCubes, DataStore objects, or InfoObjects (attributes or texts) and InfoSets can function as open hub data sources

Below is a list of the steps for this lab: