➡️ Building on a strong foundation

Migrating their SAP systems to AWS is often just the first step in our customers innovation journeys. After they build a foundation on AWS infrastructure, customers are working to transform their entire businesses, and save money, experiment, and go to market more quickly with applications that can extend or integrate with their SAP investments.

Customers are also increasingly looking at driving business innovations by extending core SAP business processes in the areas of Big data & analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Apps & APIs, DevOps, and Machine learning. In this section, we will focus on Machine Learning with AWS area.

See an Overview of AI and Machine Learning Services From AWS.

See AWS documentation to learn more about Machine Learning on AWS.

Artificial intelligence: Any technique that enables computers to mimic human intelligence using logic, if-then statements, and ML (including deep learning)

Machine learning: Subset of AI that uses machines to search for patterns in data to build logic models automatically

Deep learning: Subset of ML composed of deeply multi-layered neural networks that perform tasks like speech and image recognition

What customers are doing with Machine Learning with AWS?

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➡️ The AWS ML Stack : Broadest and most complete set of machine learning capabilities

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The labs in this workshop are designed to demonstrate the out-of-the-box solutions like Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Forecast can be used for SAP functions!

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